In St. Petersburg, built-art water testing of ship models

Big ship — a large swimming pool. At the State Scientific Center named Alexei Krylov began a grand building, erected there-the-art water testing of models of ships. In fact, this is a collective image of all existing in the world seas and oceans, just under the roof and in a reduced form.

Tests of models — a necessary procedure that is performed early in the design of the ship. This work allows serious design errors. And there are cases when it is after such "artificial" swims shipbuilders are fundamentally changing some details of the actual project, for example, to reduce the rocking.

On the territory of Krylovskogo center now has about two dozen of these basins. The new pool will work with models, much larger than it is now — up to 12 meters and a half tons. And it is much improve the accuracy of the test, experts say.

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