In St. Petersburg, Children’s Hospital of osteoarticular tuberculosis received a new building

Dec. 18 in St. Petersburg opened a truly unique clinic, its basic function — helping sick children suffering from osteo-articular tuberculosis. Patients are willing to accept from today and from all over Russia.

Hospital before existed in the city, but the conditions in which doctors had to work, can not be called human. Vintage two-story mansion on the second Murinsky Avenue literally crumbling before our eyes, not to mention the fact that the medical equipment is hopelessly outdated.

  • The old building on 2nd Avenue Murinsky


For the first time the plight of the clinics started talking journalists of the newspaper "Evening Petersburg". After the article that seriously ill children are treated in emergency rooms, ordinary citizens rose up to defend the clinic. The authorities finally paid attention to the problem.  

Construction of a new five-storey building on the street of the Polytechnic to be completed by 2013. However, the finished earlier. The building is not only built, but also equipped. New House has passed young patients (at the moment of the old building to the new has already been translated about half of the patients) are ready and operational. They are now two, while the old building was a children’s clinic. 

The first two floors of the new building given to the clinic and diagnostic center Phthisiopulmonology Research Institute, on the other two is a children’s hospital with 40 beds (the number of clinic will suffice). Another floor is reserved for the operating and intensive care.  


  • In the new operating a computer and provide a video conference, and appropriate musical accompaniment

The new building is amazing. So everything is thought out, functional and meets the latest medical technologies. Frankly speaking, this is rare where you will meet. You can say it’s a new generation of clinic. Operating equipped with the latest technology, all control — appliances, special doors, blinds, lamps and other things — displayed on the computer. There is an Internet connection and the ability to make video calls. And — very nice. Even the walls. They are colorful, decorated with drawings. One operating executed in light-green tones, the second — in the color lavender. 

  • Resuscitation room



Olga Kazan, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg: "We went and looked. Fortunately, we have maintained a scientific school, what our surgeons when there are such opportunities ".

Valery Yevseyev, head of the pediatric surgical clinic osteo-articular tuberculosis: "This is a gift for the new year. Within these walls is much nicer here begins a new stage, will stand at least, I hope. "

Mansion on the 2nd Murinsky also remains of baby clinic. Once it is fully move into the new building, the building will hold the necessary repairs and will open a rehabilitation center for young patients. 


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