In St. Petersburg, created a cluster of Nuclear Medicine

February 21 in the village of Pesotchnoe Resort District of St. Petersburg held a symbolic ceremony of laying the first stone Center for proton radiation therapy, "Nuclear Medicine Center of the International Institute of Biological Systems them. Sergei Berezin".

This important event marks the establishment in St. Petersburg, a cluster of nuclear medicine, which will enhance the possibility of providing a high-tech medical care to cancer patients.   

The project is implemented in accordance with a memorandum on the construction of the Centre proton beam therapy, signed by the Governor of St. Petersburg and the chairman of "MIBS" (International Institute of Biological Systems). Construction of the Center and the purchase of equipment will be carried out by private investment worth over 145 million dollars. The planned capacity of the center will annually provide high-tech medical assistance to more than 1,500 patients.

International Institute of Biological Systems named after SM Berezin — Russia’s largest non-governmental health organization, which includes 39 centers of magnetic resonance and computed tomography in 32 cities of Russia, Department of video-EEG monitoring, as well as the first in the North-West region of radiosurgical Gamma Knife Center. All regional diagnostic centers linked by an integrated telemedicine network, allowing the transfer of patient information to St. Petersburg in real time. Total staff includes more than 700 employees, including about 150 doctors, including candidates and doctors of medical sciences. 



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