In St. Petersburg, installed the first innovative lantern

The site was published in the spring announcement of new lanterns in St. Petersburg.

The first lamp is mounted in St. Petersburg on the eve of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Designers will soon promise to illuminate their entire city.

Post new world arises. While this is a flashlight with a prefix VIP. During an economic forum he will illuminate the yard governor’s residence. However, as experts say, all the elite sooner or later becomes massive. "It is costly, if you just compare the stationary pole with cable and this one. Simply install, then our more expensive, but if you count the work of laying the cable, dig a trench, the difference is small"- Says CEO Group of companies "Amir" Leonid Maksenkov.

History repeats itself. Centuries later, the newly advanced technologies are built on natural resources. Wind and sun — all you need to pieces of metal and glass have become "an innovative lighting design." Moreover, the construction of the flesh of the domestic. Geography details: from Krasnodar to Saint Petersburg, but all within the state borders. "He is completely harmless to birds, insects, almost no sound at all does not issue"- Proud CEO of "OptiLayt" Vitaly Begar.

Battery is placed into the ground — there he neither hot nor cold. As such, and without the intervention of Electrical lamp must stand at least a quarter century — the manufacturers warranty. Innovation is a full-length: light bulb on a pole is not too common — LEDs. "As once vacuum tubes have been replaced by solid-state transistors, and this has created an era of microelectronics — now, of course, is not of this magnitude, but also is similar breakthrough"- Said vice-president of "OPTOGAN" Alexei Bucket.

These ammeter: this is the result not even the usual — energy-saving light bulbs, but — LED light bulbs. Of course, the latter is very costly: the first batch of copies will be sold at half thousand rubles, but over time the producers promise to lower prices and lower.

While the main advantage of LED — economical in use. Soon, however, have to add an electric intelligence.

The immediate future of LEDs — smart light. Soon, every user can control the color gamut of each new day. In the morning — white with a hint of pink, by the dawn. Day — bright white, and in the evening — White romantic, almost sepia.

Scientists say that the quality of light can be seen on the development of civilization. Accordingly, the higher it is, so it is — a civilization — brighter. It is planned that by 2020, 70% of the developed countries will be equipped with LEDs. The question is: will there by the time the Russian in the developed countries.

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