In St. Petersburg Interstroyexpo-2012 TC CHETRA showed new items and Bulldozer Show (Photo)

In St. Petersburg, a trading company of "CHETRA — Industrial Machines" presented modernized equipment and held the "Bulldozer Show" at the international exhibition "Interstroyexpo-2012."

Visitors to the exhibition and visitors building forum witnessed a unique spectacle to the north of the capital. Russian 20-ton bulldozer CHETRA T11S with hydrostatic transmission filigree perform surgery on a special display stand with a diameter of 5 meters. The car turn on a dime, spinning around its axis at the expense of protivohoda caterpillars, rose into the air, relying on blade and ripper. Bulldozer under the direction of an experienced driver with an aerosol can and ripping equipment created the painting, carefully opened the egg without damaging the cradle of fragile glass, closed the box of matches. These transactions were made possible thanks to the smooth operation of the hydraulic system in which the components are applied as a world leader David Brown.

Never before in St. Petersburg such opportunities multi-ton machines are not on display. Hydrostatic transmission Sauer-Danfoss, mounted on CHETRA T11S, has more than bulldozers with hydromechanical transmission, performance, and cost effectiveness. The machine allows you to work in confined spaces due to the two independent loops of movement, including turning on the spot.

The exhibition was also presented with a bulldozer reduced ground pressure CHETRA T9M designed to work on soils with low bearing capacity, common in the North-West Federal District. Machines of this class of traction applied for lung kinds of road construction works. Light weight machines and special reclamation caterpillars can use it in wetlands and other areas with poor soils, deliver cargo to the work site by helicopter. Offered for Interstroyexpo-2012 model bulldozer CHETRA T9M superior system security climate after the demonstration directly from the show went to the consumer at work associated with the movement of rubble. The machine is also equipped with a straight blade with hydraulic three-point turn and semi-rigid suspension.

Exposure of domestic tracked vehicles CHETRA complement innovative excavator CHETRA EGP230, who in April 2012 was promoted to the competition committee at the Head of the Chuvash Republic in the Czech Republic State Prize in the field of science and technology. Multi-tracked excavator CHETRA EGP230 engine has a capacity of 175 hp, bucket capacity of 1.1 cubic meters, it is equipped with a hydraulic proportional control system. Excavator is designed to develop pits, trenches, pits in the ground I-IV categories, loading and unloading of bulk materials, loosened rocks and frozen ground in the industrial and road construction, other works in urban, agricultural, transport and land-improvement works.

A special place is occupied by exposure CHETRA floating tracked all-terrain vehicle CHETRA TM 140. Machines of this class were first put it in the North-West Federal District for comfortable transportation of people and goods to the development of mineral resources in the Khibiny Massif. This technique can be completed by the most demanding customer needs. On the all-terrain vehicle can be fitted with various plug-in modules for its intended purpose. To improve the efficiency of operation of all-terrain vehicle CHETRA proposed to use a specially designed computer program "Transport and logistics center," designed to construct the optimal route of fixing a fuel-specific transport and logistics tasks at every step of the way.







Amphibious ATV CHETRA TM140




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