In St. Petersburg, launched production of a new line of LED street

In St. Petersburg, the opening of a new production facility of a joint venture, "Phillips and OptoGaN", which will be carried out street lights.

Capacity of the new line will produce more than 50,000 street lights per year. Modern production line of "Phillips and OptoGaN" allows production of LED street lights in accordance with the highest international standards of quality, efficiency and reliability.

The city plans to increase the rate and volume of production of innovative products. Scheduled for the following plan — by 2016 production will increase by half, reaching the value of about 300 billion rubles. In the past year, the amount was equal to 158 billion rubles, which is 30 billion more than in 2011.

 According to the head of the company, "Phillips and OptoGaN" Andre Richter, as the initial market platforms for the delivery of LED lights are planned several Russian regions. They are likely to become Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tatarstan. In Tatarstan ready to purchase such products at a large amount.

As the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, high quality lighting fixtures and their ever-decreasing cost of buyer interested in the regions, including St. Petersburg. He is confident that such innovations will help illuminate and "new areas" of the city.

New LED street lamp "Avenue" is exactly the economic and technical requirements specified in the regulations of the Government of St. Petersburg. Running in the mass production of the new product allows the joint venture in the current year to offer their customers LED lighting at a competitive price of 8000 rubles. With this experience of interaction with organizations projecting road sector strongly supports the possibility of using LED lighting production "Phillips and OptoGaN" highway of any class, including coverage of the highest category of roads A1 emphatically lighting poles at a distance of 65 meters and a height of installation of fixtures around 20 meters.

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