In St. Petersburg, launched the main sewer — cheers all Baltika!

Commissioning of the main sewer in the northern part of St. Petersburg will purify 98.4% of the wastewater of the city. Investment in the construction of the main sewer north of St. Petersburg was 28 billion rubles, construction was carried out stages from 2008 to 2013.

Solemn ceremony of putting into operation and regulation of waste site was completed on Thursday the construction of the main sewer in the northern part of St. Petersburg.

The composition of the reservoir contains two tunnel on the 12.2 kilometer and 4 meters in diameter, laid underground at a depth of 40-90 meters, 8 micro-tunnels with a total length of more than 7 kilometers, 64 mines, 5.2 kilometer street sewerage, waste management unit — powerful pumping station, located deep in the mine 90 meters and a diameter of 24 meters.

The completion of all work on the collector will close 76 direct discharges of waste water and stop the discharge of untreated waste into the Neva River waters in the volume 334,000 cubic meters per day. It is about 122 million cubic meters of wastewater per year: before all this dirt is provided in the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland. 

Great movie about the event:

Aleksey Lobanov, Deputy Director of the Centre of investment programs "Vodokanal": "12 pumps are pumping station on the circle. They pumped water from the wet compartment, which is located beneath us. In this wet separation waste water from the main reservoir flows through the galleries of the approach and then is pumped under pressure pipelines. "

Strategic target reservoir is adjusting unit drains. It was built underground at a depth of 90 meters, which placed the pump station. Other levels of the mine filled with a web of pipelines, conveyors, machines. On the minus 30 is a discharge tunnel through which large debris, filtered by special grilles, falls into the crusher, crushing waste up to 20 millimeters. Thus eliminating the trouble of transporting them.

Throughout its 12-kilometer reservoir has significant differences depths: the tunnels that go to the depth, then rise. This configuration eliminates the siltation of the system. To avoid this, and include pumps. Because the necessary speed wastewater can only provide a very strong rainfall.

Proceed to the liquidation of the remaining 1.5 percent of direct discharges effluent "water utility" is going in November this year. Along the Admiralty Embankment begin construction of another collector. Motorists, of course, again be confronted with the inconvenience. But the prospect of Petersburg rid of impurities introduced into the environment, should contribute patience.

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