In St. Petersburg, launched the production of solar cells

In Physico-Technical Institute of the AF Joffe opened the Scientific and Technical Center of thin-film technology and launched pilot production line for solar modules. Ecksperimentalnoe production capacity of 50 MW and 50 batteries per year opened the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

Scientific and Technical Center of thin-film technologies — Member of the innovative project "Skolkovo". To work it will involve students, graduate students and graduates of technical universities. Petersburg Innovation Centre also intends to develop cooperation with other leading research centers in Russia and the world.  


 "The production is designed to break in technology for high-grade solar plant, which is located in Novocheboxarsk (Chuvashia), — the director of the Physico-Technical Institute. Andrew Joffe Zabrodskii. The project cost 1.6 billion rubles RUSNANO performs and controlled by Viktor Vekselberg group of companies "Renova". Equipment purchased for him with the support of "Skolkovo".

The main feature of the St. Petersburg solar panels — the use of nanotechnology, their cover is made of mikrokremniya.

"This material gives a good performance, but it helps only stay on the market today", — explained Andrew Bobyl, a leading researcher at the Ioffe Institute. Joffe.

Add that solar lamps to enter the market by the end of 2012.

Also, the Institute hosted a meeting in St. Petersburg residents Skolkovo Foundation management. Companies were able to ask why they slowly transfer the tranches to organize projects and not fund travel.


 Total in the Northern capital are now 43 residents "Skolkovo". These are companies that are engaged in energy, IT, developments in the field of energy efficiency, biomedical, and even nuclear technology. 

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