In St. Petersburg, opened a factory for the production of facade and roofing materials

November 23 in St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk holding INSI has launched a new plant. Northern capital of Russia became the fifth city where the products are manufactured.

Due to such capacity expansion residents of the North-West and Central Federal Districts can as soon as possible to get quality facade and roofing materials INSI.

All products are manufactured in the production holding the latest modern equipment and just out of high quality metal. Buyers can purchase a product with both galvanized and color coated with a decorative.

INSI branch in St. Petersburg offers its customers the full range of products manufactured by the holding: from the roof and facade, to kits for the production of prefabricated buildings (hangars, warehouses, workshops, shopping centers) and social amenities (houses, dormitories , kindergartens, schools).

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