In St. Petersburg, opened a modern athletics stadium

Today in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg opened a dedicated athletics stadium.

Athletics stadium is located on the territory of the state budget educational institution of additional education "Center for Physical Culture, Sport and Health" of the Moscow district of St. Petersburg. Here you can engage in all kinds of athletics. Stadium includes: running track for 400 m, two sectors for the long jump and triple jump, two sectors for the jumps, the sector for the pole vault, the sector for the discus throw and hammer with fencing, sector for shot put, two sectors for throwing the javelin.

The total area of the stadium with stands — 17,500 m2. All sections of the stadium with modern exercise equipment. The stadium will undergo training and training sessions offices athletics SDYUSSHOR number 2 and the "Center for Physical Culture, Sport and Health", district and municipal athletics.

The total cost of the work cost the treasury more than 33.5 million.

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