In St. Petersburg, opened a new pharmaceutical plant the largest biofarmkompanii Biocad

The plant will be the first in Strelna in Russia and Eastern Europe, the commercial production of substances of drugs based on monoclonal antibodies — the most expensive, high-tech and promising class of drugs.

Total costs of production amounted to $ 52 million, of which $ 9.5 million investment the city.
Total company planned to build five more facilities that will be made 32 drug from the list of vital and essential drugs.

Sept. 6 at the site "Neudorf" special economic zone "St. Petersburg", which is located in Strelna, the opening of the first building of the new production of unique biological drugs JSC "Biocad." Russia’s largest pharmaceutical company, "Biocad" — a resident of the site "Neudorf" since 2010. It specializes in designing and manufacturing of medicines for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases and hematological, viral infections, drugs for the reproductive system.

Innovative engineering solutions and cutting-edge equipment allow to automate the process of production of medicines. The quality of products is checked control and analytical laboratory. In general, the construction of the plant in Strelna includes the construction of six buildings with a total area of almost 20,500 square meters.


BIOKAD — Russian biopharmaceutical company founded in 2001. Its portfolio currently consists of 16 drugs, more than 40 are in various stages of development. The company has over 600 employees. In 2012 the volume of investments "Biocad" in the construction, purchase of equipment and the development of drugs totaled about 1 billion rubles.

Has a wide network of subsidiaries abroad: in Ukraine, Belarus, Brazil, China, India and the United States. In 2012. revenues of 3 billion rubles.



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