In St. Petersburg, opened a new production of art castings of bronze and brass

June 20, 2013 in St. Petersburg opened a new company "Neva Bronze" engaged in the production of art castings of bronze and brass.

Company "Neva Bronze" was organized by a group of young managers. The new production is able to perform a complete cycle of creating highly artistic products of bronze and brass — from the designer’s work on drawing up a design project of the future product and ending with the work of the sculptor, as well as the final step — by casting the finished product and its finishing. In the manufacture of products used bronze, brass and other base metals.

Masters of creativity aimed at creating such objects of art castings, as sculptures, furniture, decoration items, corporate gifts, medals, trophies and awards. Already in the catalog of the St. Petersburg-based company can find a wide range of products, including — chandeliers, fireplaces, fences, tables, street lights, curtain rods and more. The products sold by the company, are in constant demand in the consumer market in Russia.

Commercial Director of the company "Neva Bronze" Yuri Chernov: "We are planning to open their own high-tech foundry in St. Petersburg in 2013. The main mission of our company is to create a desire for clients large and small works of art that can be a great addition for interior decoration and for the exterior. "

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