In St. Petersburg, opened a school for 825 seats and a new building for 825 primary school places

September 2 Krasnoselskoye near the opening of the new building for the first grade of school number 291.

School classrooms are equipped with modern equipment: personal computers in the mesh network with Internet access, document cameras, interactive whiteboards, TVs feature 3D, within the software and hardware management of the school library and the school broadcast network audio systems.

Each building in the presence of all the necessary facilities for the implementation of the educational process: sports, dance — dance and assembly halls, swimming pools for older and younger students. The school also opened three computer labs, two language laboratories, multimedia classrooms and two lingophone class.

Medical unit includes a doctor’s surgery, dentist and a treatment room. On school grounds feature a stadium with artificial turf, two basketball-volleyball courts, playgrounds for extended-day groups.

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In the village of New Izhora Pushkin District opened a new school number 257.

Classrooms equipped with modern computers and digital technology, the school has two computer labs for primary and high schools, one computer class for primary school students, two digital language lab, a mobile computer lab and an information center in the school library. Assembly Hall of the school is designed for 450 beds and is equipped with modern projection, sound and lighting equipment.

Elementary school organization has the capacity of students in full-day with rooms for extended-day groups and lounges for first graders.

For sports in school, there are two swimming pools, two gyms, a school stadium with a football field and a platform for team sports.


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