In St. Petersburg, opened a unique educational and training center for engineering and projects in the Arctic

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In St. Petersburg, the grand opening of the training center of "SCF", created for the specialized training of captains and senior officers of the company to brave the harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic.

Training of staff in teaching and training center GFR will be in close cooperation with the leading maritime university in Russia — GMA them. Admiral Makarov (St. Petersburg). Modern systems of the center can not only pass the necessary training and simulate navigation to different climatic conditions, but also develop optimal engineering solutions for specific projects, as well as their work on the equipment of UTC.

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Thus, on the basis of the St. Petersburg headquarters of the SCF will be integrated into the work of Research, Engineering and Training Centre in GFR, which will create a unique fusion of knowledge and practical experience with the company, and will give an additional impetus to the development of unique projects with high-latitude ice component.

All trainers UTC "Sovcomflot" and the navigation and mapping equipment manufactured and supplied by the Russian company "Transas" (St. Petersburg).

MTC training complex SCF will provide testing of the full range of maritime operations in the Arctic navigation in the northern latitudes, maintenance of oil platforms, transportation and shipping of hydrocarbons in difficult weather conditions, swimming under the ice breakers wiring, the approach to ice-resistant berths and positioning of the vessel during cargo operations organization of complex towing, etc.

Court SCF provide year-round service of such major offshore energy projects, such as: "Sakhalin-1", "Sakhalin-2", "Varandej», Tangguh, Escobar, Peregrino.

Training Centre GFR integrated into the work of the head office of group of companies, which is located in the historic center of St. Petersburg, on the Moika.

Director General of OAO "Sovcomflot" Mr. Frank said: "SCF Group has accumulated many years of experience in complex environments. Court SCF carried out a wide range of marine engineering operations in the Arctic and sub-Arctic basin, which requires constant attention to the selection and development of staff. Based on our extensive experience, we are developing a naval school in order to improve the quality of services, maintaining the highest standards of maritime safety, efficiency of the fleet and improve the competitiveness of the company. Open today simulation training tsetnr "Sovcomflot" is a unique pairing of educational institutions with the analytical and engineering divisions of the company, which will provide a new level of training of the crews of our ships. "

President of the Group of Companies "Transas" Nikolai Lebedev added: "Opened Training Centre — a fine example of cooperation manufacturer of navigation equipment and training systems and the shipping company. As a result of joint efforts "Transas" and "SCF" was created-the-art educational complex with individual and often unique training solutions that best suit the requirements of the training of "SCF" and its partners. Many of the systems installed in the MTC, not only set new principles of training of personnel, but also anticipate future marine navigation instruments. "

SCF Group (GFR) — Russia’s largest shipping company, one of the world’s leading shipping companies in the field of maritime transport of hydrocarbons, as well as maintenance of the shelf exploration and production of oil and gas. Own and chartered fleet, specializing in the transportation of hydrocarbons from areas with difficult ice conditions, includes 156 vessels with a total deadweight of 12 million tons. One-third of them have a high ice class.


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