In St. Petersburg, opened Aquatics Centre


In St. Petersburg, opened Aquatics Centre.
Investment in the construction of the facility amounted to 2 billion 218.5 million rubles.
The complex includes two swimming pools for competitions, games, water polo, swimming lessons, diving and synchronized swimming. Their total area is 1.35 million square meters. m and 825 m. m, depth — 2.2 m and 5.8 m capacity of the complex — about 5 thousand people per day, the capacity of sport and exercise rooms — 180 people per hour.

The complex is not only the largest in the city, but also one of the largest in Europe.


This is the only place in St. Petersburg, where there is a room specially equipped for training divers in the water, equipped with diving boards dried, safety lounges, acrobatic tracks.

Responsible for the construction of the sports giant was the company of "Monolitstroy." It’s safe to say that they have coped with this work. The center put the three pools: Swimming and water polo for diving and for those who are just learning to swim. By the way, there can engage people with disabilities — it is a special equipment. The ground floor will house sports facilities: fitness, acrobatics, dance, two dry swimming hall. There is also a massage, and medical offices — that was where the athletes to recover after hard training. By the way, now St. Petersburg is ready to carry out world-class competition — swimming pools fully correspond to this. Hopefully, the Aquatics Centre will help athletes pass Petersburg excellent preparation for the Summer Olympic Games in London. Mutko said that this Olympics is now preparing Alexander Sukhorukov, who attended the opening ceremony — a world record holder and world champion in swimming.

Do not be afraid that because of the athletes in the pool will not break people — the capacity of the Centre — about five thousand people a day, the pools are divided into ten tracks, and even two children’s pools. Sports facilities can take 180 people per hour.

Characteristics of pools:

— Bathing bowl depth of 2.2 m, 54h25. Two dividing blade width of two meters;
— Bathing bowl depth of 5.8 m, 33h25, stationary tower from 2.5 to ten meters, trampolines;
— Children’s swimming pools (two), depth from 0.6 to 0.9 meters, 6×10.

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