In St. Petersburg, opened interchange at Pirogov waterfront

Pirogovskaya embankment with two ramps and Sampson bridge opened to traffic on Monday, May 27. The main advantage of the new interchange — designed by a tunnel under the Finland prospectus. Now the car will pass along the promenade and not to wait for a traffic light at the exit from Sampson bridge.

In connection with the opening of the Pirogov waterfront restored through traffic on the avenue of Finland, Sampsonievskii bridge and embankment Pirogov, the exit of the bridge at the Pirogov embankment towards the Foundry Bridge and the bridge at the Pirogov Finland embankment toward the Grenadier bridge. One lane is reserved for turning the Finland Avenue toward the Grenadier bridge — one for turning on the Finnish side Arsenal Avenue promenade, three bands — for the passage of the new tunnel. To pass through the tunnel in the opposite direction will be in two lanes. One band is also allocated to rotate the bridge towards the Kuibyshev Street.

Bridge and nearby roads were closed on April 30 last year, to increase the bars on the waterfront Pirogov from five to seven. Widening of the road has cost the city 2.7 billion, capacity increased to 100 thousand cars a day.

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