In St. Petersburg, opened the first school in the Russian laboratory of nanotechnology and microelectronics

 December 25 at St. Peternburge open Russia’s first School of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Laboratory in Physics and Mathematics Lyceum number 239. Lab created by means of a grant Lyceum in 2012, on a competitive basis in the National Project "Education".

Laboratory — is the result of partnerships with the Lyceum ETU (LETI). Under the guidance of experts of the center "Nanotechnology" was designed by the equipment passed the Lyceum company NT-MDT, and a grant of the Government of St. Petersburg were purchased special high-tech laboratory tables and materials for research, trained teachers. The laboratory expected to conduct laboratory and research activities for students of Electronics, nanodiagnostics and nanotechnology.

Vice-Governor Vasily Kichedzhi said: "The opening created by the latest science lab at school — it is a huge step towards the improvement of the system of general education. We see a great example of cooperation between higher and secondary schools — the famous Lyceum LETI and number 239. Higher education institutions interested in advanced students should be curators of special projects. Laboratory of nanotechnology — a new technological culture in schools ".

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