In St. Petersburg, opened the first stationary point snegoplavilnye

The first point of the new generation snegoplavilnye posted on October embankment near Finland bridge. The site allows you to simultaneously take 2 cars with the collected snow. In day one camera melts 3.5 thousand cubic meters.


The process of technological processing of the snow is based on the contact of the snow mass with warm water wastes. To melt 1 cubic meter of snow, you need about 5 cubic meters of waste water. Then thawed and waste water through the collector reaches the Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant in the village. Holguin. There will be a full cleaning cycle (including the deep removal of phosphorus and nitrogen). Additional energy is not required, the electric power is needed only for the operation of crushing and pumping station.

The simplest camera snegoplavilnye this winter has already worked at the Riga prospectus. Its future also upgrade. And just two years to build 14 snegoplavilnyh points. That’s enough to take all the snow collected from the urban area. And then prior to discharge into the Neva all melt water will pass water treatment.

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