In St. Petersburg, opened the largest plant for the production of LEDs SVETLED

In the city on the Neva successfully commissioned the first phase of the new, the largest in the country, plant powerful brightness LEDs under the brand SVETLED. The total investment in the project amounts to 800 mln., The payback period — up to 4 years.

LEDs manufactured SVETLED characterized most modern technical indicators that are comparable with the best world analogues serial have a high luminous efficiency (luminous flux of up to 120 lm / W). They are significantly cheaper than European, American and Japanese instruments, better heat dissipation. LEDs are produced in a wide range of different types of housings for mounting different types of primary optics, current and voltage parameters. All scientific and technological developments are protected by Russian and international patents.

The new production of "Svetlana-Ice" is located at pr.Engelsa, 27. The modern technological equipment for the production of high-brightness high-power white LEDs (LED) installed in the clean room of new production facilities. Its designed capacity is 3-3.5 MW / month., Which corresponds to 3-3.5 mln.odnovattnyh LEDs per month.

On the basis of the new LED-production plant is planned to significantly increase obemy production of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps under the brand name SvetaLED production "Svetlana-Optoelectronics."

Start a new production will increase the share of Russian LED light sources in domestic and international market and significantly lower selling prices for LED light fixtures and lamps, making them more economically attractive.

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