In St. Petersburg, opened the second stage of pharma plant POLYSAN

June 21 scientific and technological pharmaceutical company "Polisan" opened second phase of its production in the Frunze district of St. Petersburg. The total building area is the second phase of 5778 square meters. m To date, the plant (at the two factories) employing 380 people. With the launch of a new line, and provided the plant reaches its planned capacity will require an additional 100 new jobs. The total investment was more 2.5 billion rubles.

Due to the opening of the second phase of the factory the company will increase production of infusion solution to 15 million bottles a year, partly replacing the glass packaging to plastic. At the second stage of the plant is planned to produce infusion solutions and drugs Reamberin Remaksol. Capacity of the two new lines to be installed at the site of the new plant will amount to 12 million bottles a year (the company now produces about 3 million bottles per year).

Science and technology pharmaceutical company "POLYSAN" established in 1992.

Today, "POLYSAN" makes a worthy contribution to the implementation of targeted programs for the Russian pharmaceutical industry continues to lead the development of original and innovative high-performance products. Medicines produced "POLYSAN" in demand in overseas markets including the CIS and non-CIS countries — the countries of South-East Asia.

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