In St. Petersburg opened the Strawberry Farm

Start strawberry colonization initiated in the former malting plant. Stepan Razin. Now these premises rents Rizzordi Art Foundation. The Foundation plans to organize an art space here with a gallery and media library, and on the reconstruction of the area passed to the friendly rent a strawberry farm. In a room of 50 m2 five wooden building installations like goat with strawberry bushes. Technology has totally bioeffective and sterile. It has no pathogens. This allows, in turn, do not use pesticides to control weeds. The manufacturer guarantees 30 berries from a bush weighing 30-35 grams each.

In the garden of one thousand hives. In vivo, there should be 2 times smaller. Each bed of summed up the heating lamp and hoses for watering. In the corner of the tank with two impressive organic solution. Farmers plan to collect 500 kg of berries from your site. The manufacturer guarantees a factor of 2 larger. But farmers recognize that the inexperience made some mistakes. However, even the sale of the crop, they say, would allow to recoup the costs. Investments amounted to 150 thousand rubles, given the fact that all the designs farmers assembled and ordered independently.

This method can be used to grow any fruit and vegetables. Put in a corner tomato plant and a lamp above it — and will bear fruit.


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