In St. Petersburg, opened to traffic on a segment of the southern section of the Western High-Speed Diameter

October 10 in St. Petersburg, was inaugurated the second phase of the southern section of the Western High-Speed Diameter — from the street to the Fertile river embankment Ekateringofka.

The length of the exposed portion of the southern section of the Fertile WHSD street to the river Ekateringofka — 5.2 km (total length of the southern section — 8,5 km).

The fare in the enlarged from tomorrow until the southern portion WHSD will remain unchanged, but within two months may be revised and will depend on the route chosen by the user.

At the moment, already operates WHSD portion of the ring road (Ring Road) to the highly favored street. The northern section WHSD scheduled to open before the end of 2012. Construction of the central WHSD scheduled to begin later this year.

Western High-Speed Diameter — Russia’s first toll road in the city — is a 46-kilometer highway connecting the north and south of St. Petersburg. Construction WHSD exercised on the basis of public-private partnership, is one of the main elements of the solution to the transport problems of the northern capital. The purpose of the project — to unload transport arteries of the central part of the city, to ensure free passage of motor transport of downtown to the airport Pulkovo, as well as to major highways road network of the country.

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