In St. Petersburg, opened two new subway stations: Bucharest and the International

An important event, especially for the south of the city. After half an hour just two stations radius Frunze St. Petersburg subway — "International" and "Bucharest" — opened its doors for the passengers. Recall the stations even beat a record, "Admiralty" which could not be put into operation for almost 15 years. At the moment the ceremony begins. And invited the governor of St. Petersburg. The very entrance into the lobby until closed, but there has long been on duty most curious townsfolk, who can not wait to evaluate new and such long-awaited station and buy spetszhetony. By tradition, the opening of new subway platforms released commemorative medals with the image of terrestrial lobbies "International" and "Bucharest." Today, you can buy them at a nominal price.

The material will be supplemented.

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