In St. Petersburg, presented the new cruise ship unsinkable pike-

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7:50, August 2, 2013 / Author: Olga Bektanova

In St. Petersburg, the unsinkable ship called "Palmyra-2." The distinguished guests who were invited to the presentation of a new vessel, work out in the rhetoric, calling the ship a ship, boat and even the ark.
 And the features of the new "ark" are considered the lowest of his pickup and transparent glass roof, which can be easily move during the heat, and also push again if it starts to rain. I must say that from the outside it looks like a little boat on the predatory fish pike. This is noticed by many present at the presentation. "This stylish, modern boat like a pike. Its main advantage — the ship can easily pass under the bridge without any brand threats injuries to his passengers, "- said the director of the Museum" St. Isaac’s Cathedral "Mr. Nikolai Burov.

Motor vessel owned by "Astra Marine". The route of the new ship involves visits to St. Petersburg attractions that are easily visible from the water. Total water in St. Petersburg want to run 8 of these "pike". By the way, not only on the Neva River, but also on the Moscow River today can take a ride on the boat to anyone interested, taking advantage of tourism opportunities, or a common service asrent ship. Recall that the bright red excursion boats ride recently many journalists on the Moscow River, drainage channels. The event kicked off on July 31 at Bolotnaya embankment is in the presentation of the latest integrated routes for tourists.

In St. Petersburg, presented the new cruise ship unsinkable pike-

An interesting idea of the ship taken from shipbuilders from Holland. Employees of the company that owns the mark of what is called the brainchild of-the-art, not only because of its appearance. Above the powerful engine also had time to work.

"A disciplined crew, the ship, which was built specifically for our great river. Such ships have, unfortunately, a little bit. New unsinkable ship at all — absolutely everything is taken into account ", — says the head of" Gosmorrechnadzor "Mr. Dmitry Atlashkin.

One of the bloggers Twitter Kwak says: "Let the boat floats on the riverSaint Petersburglong and, of course, without incident. "

According to the editorial, though unsinkable ship is believed to be very careful, as, for example, the famous "Titanic", too, was so.

A series of 3 similar passenger vessels ordered by LLC "PetergofEkspress" (the group of companies "Astramarin") at the shipyard, LLC "Ladoga transport factory" (Shlissel’burg, Leningrad region).

The project of new ships for the Russian River Register (RRR) is developed by "Special". New comfortable passenger ship, with a capacity of about 100 people, has a lounge, sliding transparent roof. The ship’s length — 21.5 m, width — 5,6 m, draft — 0.7 m

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