In St. Petersburg, rolled off the pocket navigator GLONASS

One of them — a global navigation system connection. The Russian GLONASS, according to experts, more American GPS.

Grandfather of modern navigator in your pocket will not fit, and the windshield will look strange. Model thirty years ago. Tour of the Institute of Radio Navigation and Time, which is a time machine journey. The unit is smaller and smaller, and opportunities grew and grew.

"Using a cell phone, you are not thinking about what it’s GLONASS, using a credit card, you are not thinking that banking transactions are carried out with the use of GLONASS. There was docked spacecraft "Alpha" from "Gagarin", and there is also GLONASS, "- says Oleg Osipov, chief engineer of JSC" Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time. "

This technical International. Robots Japanese, Finnish, German, Russian work on the production of the gadget is half American stuffing. Bitter rivals, and yet they are together.

The relationship between the two powers in the field of navigation always reminded race, and with obstacles. At the time of the operation "Desert Storm" overseas military changed all the codes for the GPS. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people around the world, both on land and on the water, in one second longer understand where to go. Then it became clear to depend only on the best of his companions.

Military Russian navigators Western counterparts in any way inferior. Similarly, according to plan, and instruments must be on every day. This is the first batch of Glonass handheld. Each inspected by hand. Against the backdrop of great power of the bells on the roof of the Institute of Engineers launch national pride.

"In Russia, there are places where GPS does not work well. GLONASS fully covers the entire territory ", — says Konstantin Petrov, engineer of JSC" Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time. "

The difference between the two systems can be seen in St. Petersburg. Taxi driver Michael Stavrov life behind the wheel. This engineer Petrov, most of the time in laboratories conducting. Now they are navigators measure.

Through the wide streets and avenues satellites are equally confident. However, if the house is in the so-called pocket, feels wrong the first GLONASS. GPS confident that we are moving in cash and formal rules of the street, but the details do not interest him. Meanwhile, it is in the details see the driver’s cab driver Stavrov truth.

"There are pockets that if you miss you will need to go to the mile and turn into the same pocket bully. This is the time. And for the taxi driver, time — money ", — says Mikhail Stavrov, a taxi driver.

Accuracy — courtesy of St. Petersburg developers. It is clear that only a few meters, it is clear that a small thing. But still nice. Russian instrument shows that we are, in fact, where we are, and the American satellite says that we are on the road.

While the main advantage of GPS-devices is the price. Their navigators have long put on stream and collected in Asia, GLONASS equipment do in Russia, almost single-piece, and, therefore, expensive. Are consumers pay more for ultra-accurate, and how much does it cost navigation patriotism, will show the next few months.

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