In St. Petersburg, signed a protocol on the implementation of the concept

Project "Belkomur"

In the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum signed a Protocol between the Republic of Komi, Perm Krai, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Oblast region of a comprehensive program of industrial and infrastructural development on a public-private partnership — the project "Belkomur." 

In the presence of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-West Federal District Vladimir Bulavina their document was signed by the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region, Igor Orlov, the leaders of the Murmansk region and the Republic of Komi Marina Kovtun and Vyacheslav Gaiser, and the head of the Perm territory Vladimir Basargin.

As told Basargin correspondent "RG", investments are estimated at over 600 million rubles. One-third of the money will be invested directly in the construction of the railway and energy infrastructure, and the rest will be spent on the development of industrial enterprises. It is expected that within the framework of the project "Belkomur" in the participating regions will create more than 40,000 jobs.

— About a third of the entire project will be implemented in the Perm region, — the head of the region. — For us, the construction of this road is very important because by rail is expected to provide all the export volumes of produced Solikamsko-Bereznikovskaya metropolitan area, as well as provide a link to the Perm region of the Russian Northern ports.

Recall, the first official mention of plans to build a railway to connect the industrial areas of the Urals to the White Sea relate to 1912. Commencement of the project is considered to be the post-war years, when it was built more than 400 kilometers of railway. In the modern history of the project back in 1995, the same year he was named "Belkomur" (White Sea-Komi-Urals). In 2011, he was included in the Strategy for the Development of the North-West Federal District.

According to Bulavina signed protocol — an indication that the project enters the active phase.

— His concept has undergone significant changes — recalled envoy in the Northwestern Federal District. — Now we are planning to implement it on a public-private partnership and concession agreements, including those with foreign capital. Without this project further development and Volga Region and the North-Western Federal District, it would be difficult.

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