In St. Petersburg, started production in the Kia Rio hatchback body

Today the plant near St. Petersburg started production in the Kia Rio hatchback body, which has become an alternative to a sedan, is issued for several months and had time to become one of the best sellers of the market. It should be noted that the absence of the speaker as a whole boot style has changed a few cars, although differences between the two bodies here are not as large as in the case of the Renault Logan and Sandero.


In much shorter than the length of the new sedan, but the wheelbase of them is the same (2,570 mm), and thus in interior space of a hatchback, no less. A shortened rear overhang. If you compare with the "French", then they hetbchek has a shorter base than the sedan, but is also quite decent — 2578 mm (the sedan — 2630 mm).

As one might guess, on the technical side hetbchek Rio was identical to the sedan: the choice of engines of 1.4 liters (107 hp) and 1.6 liter (123 hp). Both are offered with the "mechanics", and with "automatic". Prices for hatchback has not been announced, but most likely they will not be much different from the price sedan. He asked for from 469,900 rubles., Already as standard with air conditioning, ABS, dual airbags, electric mirrors and windows peredniyh. These "French" is cheaper, but the initial version of the "empty", and the base engine — a low-power (84 hp). Price Renault Sandero 1.6-liter engine (102 hp) with comparable equipment — about 460 000 rubles.


In addition to reporting the start of production of the hatchback Rio, the Korean company today announced that it will soon be as pyatidverka and sedan get a new option — the navigation system. However, it will not put in the factory, and at authorized dealers.

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