In St. Petersburg State University opened the Center of genomic bioinformatics

In St. Petersburg State University opened the Center of genomic bioinformatics them. Professor FG Dobrzhansky.

Genomic bioinformatics center will be a platform for topical interdisciplinary research in the field of bioinformatics, genomics, and molecular biology. This work will bring together professionals in many fields — genetics, computer scientists, mathematicians, of different generations, will work both students and post-graduates, and PhDs and doctors, world-renowned scientists from different countries.

Major projects of the Center:
The discovery of new human genes. The main purpose — to detect genes of resistance or susceptibility to HIV / AIDS, hepatitis and cancer. Bioinformatic computer algorithms will facilitate and accelerate the work.
The genome sequence assembly and description of genomes of vertebrates. The creators of the Center expect shortly to study the genomes of all available vertebrate species for future applications in medicine and for the conservation of species.
AP Kozlov, head of the lab, doctor of biological sciences, professor:
"Genomics and Bioinformatics include more than one scientific field, is a very extensive area. My own scientific discovery — about the evolutionary significance of tumors — is at the junction of more than five disciplines. But bioinformatics component is important in all. I went in Bioinformatics and was one of the founders of the Centre including for discovery was made by me may be used in practice. Before this happens, you need to spend a lot of work is in the field of bioinformatics: to process and analyze large amounts of data, prepare comprehensive evidence. But the result will be a fundamentally new approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Then, for the effective implementation of such approaches in routine medical practice, will need co-operation of experts from a dozen fields of biology, medicine, IT, ethics and law. Such cooperation is possible on the basis of our center ". Technology and the results of the scientific activities of the Centre will be adapted to the teaching of students of bachelor and master. In addition, the already developed short-term intensive two-week course to pass the new experience in the field of bioinformatics to students from Russia and Asia. St. Petersburg State University students will be able to work at the Center for Genomic bioinformatics now and by implementing relevant research projects, learn from the best. Megagrant the Government, under which the St. Petersburg State University is developing a partnership with the world’s "star" in the field of genetics, one of the leaders of the center of Stephen O’Brien (USA), will help to ensure the conditions for the success of the Center genomic bioinformatics.

Stephen O’Brien:
"I was lucky in the beginning of his scientific career to learn much from Dobrzhansky professor and his students. Therefore, I sincerely hope that here, in the center of his name, we will be able to share with colleagues fruits that we have managed to grow from seed sown Dobrzhanskaya knowledge "

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