In St. Petersburg, the ceremony of the completion of the front wall MMPK Bronk

At the construction site multifunctional marine cargo complex (MMPK) Bronk (Big Port of St. Petersburg) today in the presence of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation held a solemn ceremony of the completion of the front (tongue) of the wall. The most difficult from a technical point of view, the milestone is completed.

Multifunctional marine cargo handling complex (MMPK) Bronk is built on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, near the junction with the ring road dam to the city of Lomonosov. MMPK "Bronk" will include three specialized complex: Container Terminal, rolling cargo, logistics center.

The area of container terminal will be 107 hectares of rolling cargo terminal — 57 hectares, the logistics center — 42 hectares. Quayage container terminal will be 1,176 m (5 berths), the terminal Ro-Ro — 630 m (3 berths). The capacity of phase I of the MMPK "Bronk" will handle 1.45 million TEUs of container and 260 thousand units of Ro-Ro cargoes. In the future we plan to increase the capacity of the plant to 1.9 million TEUs of container and 260 thousand units of Ro-Ro cargo a year. After the completion of its construction port will be able to take a class Panamax container ships and ferries class Finnstar.

The construction project MMPK "Bronk" is implemented on public-private partnership. Private investment in the project will be by the time of entering the terminal is 43.7 billion rubles. The volume of federal investment is planned in the amount of 15.2 billion rubles.

Implementation of the project MMPK "Bronk" will create 2,300 new jobs at its only sea terminals. In this case, the annual direct tax payments from the activity of the complex will be: the budget of St. Petersburg — 1.7 billion rubles., The federal budget — two billion rubles. Indirect tax revenues due to the multiplier effect will be: the budget of St. Petersburg — 5.1 billion rubles., The federal budget — 5.9 billion rubles.

Outport Bronk start cargo handling at the end of 2015, this at the opening ceremony of completion sheet pile wall MMPK "Bronk" said Minister of Transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov. According to him, the development of the outer harbor marks a new stage in the life of Saint Petersburg, as will relieve the central districts of the metropolis. According to the Minister, in the long run, all port operations can be displayed on the peripheral areas of the main part of the city.


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