In St. Petersburg, the construction of a new pharmaceutical


Company "Vertex" started construction of the complex full-cycle production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the special economic zone / SEZ / "St. Petersburg."

"Vertex" leases 4.85 hectares in the area, "Neudorf" in the SEZ "St. Petersburg." The total area of the industrial complex is more than 33 thousand square meters, the plant — 15 thousand square meters first phase includes the construction of primary production, quality department, warehouse and engineering infrastructure in its entirety. On this site will be transferred to the production facilities, which are currently located on Vasilevsky Island. Commissioning of the first phase of the plant is scheduled for spring 2015.

The second phase will include administrative and laboratory building, para-pharmaceutical production, hormonal unit and warehouse. Also on this site will be moved production parapharmaceutic drugs, which is now located in the Red Guard district of St. Petersburg. The completion of the second phase is scheduled for 2016.

Investment in the project is estimated to be worth more than 2 billion rubles. The plant’s capacity will be about 100 million packages of drugs a year.

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