In St. Petersburg University of Plant Polymers inaugurated the new complex of laboratories


October 6 at St. Petersburg University of Plant Polymers inaugurated the new complex of laboratories. Laboratories have been refitted to carry out research as part of an innovative project, "Larix", they are equipped with the most modern equipment and allow you to model processes of processing of larch.
The "Larch" is unique anywhere in the world, this technology has not yet mastered. The project will enable a new variety of cellulose that can absorb 4 times more moisture than the best pulp obtained from other species of wood. This means that the commercial production of a cellulose will create the conditions for change in the existing market of sanitary goods and medical supplies.

The total investment amounted to 300 million rubles.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Ilim Group" Zahara Smushkin, the opening of a new laboratory complex was necessary for the successful implementation of the innovation project. "If we succeed to develop an effective technology for the processing of larch wood, we’ll get a new, unique type of pulp to be used for the production of sanitary products. We hope that we will succeed, "- said Zahar Smushkin.

Cut the ribbon of the new complex Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Ilim Group" Zahar Smushkin and Rector of St. Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers Vyacheslav Suslov. The event was also attended by Director General of "Ilim Group" Paul Herbert and scientific director of the project "Larix", a university professor Eduard Akim.

Updating the research base of the University of Plant Polymers held at the facilities of the project, in 2010, became the winner of Innovation of the Ministry of Education and Science. The project is implemented under the co-financing — for its implementation "Ilim Group" aims to RUR 150 million, a similar amount is allocated from the federal budget.

The project is the first example of innovation in the Russian forest sector and implemented on the basis of public-private partnerships.

In May 2011, a branch of Ilim Group "in Bratsk successfully passed the test pulping of larch. We are currently testing samples of new products to potential buyers.

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