In St. Petersburg, with the unique neutral grounding resistors power transformers


On two substations of JSC "Lenenergo" in St. Petersburg found unique neutral grounding resistors for power transformers. For the first time in Russian innovative way to energy used in urban settings in the 35 kV network. It is planned that it will protect the substation equipment from damage due to technical irregularities in electrical networks.

The specialists of "Lenenergo" for the first time in Russia in a metropolis applied an innovative way through the transformer neutral grounding resistor or the so-called "resistive neutral ground." On this ground specialists transferred two substations in St. Petersburg. Eight resistors installed in substations number 75 "Lahti" and the number 155, "Piskarevskiy." Implementation of the project will improve the reliability of the network as a whole: to reduce the number of violations in the operation of the equipment, to reduce the amount of damage to cable lines and improve the reliability of power supply to consumers.

One of the stages of the project was a serious investigation. The scientific development of "Lenenergo" professionals engaged in "Scientific and Technical Center of UES" and the St. Petersburg Polytechnic universiteta.Ustanovka resistors will seriously improve the reliability of electricity supply in St. Petersburg. "Selecting a grounding in systems up to 35 kW — a crucial issue in the design of networks. This will determine the level of network reliability, correct operation of protective relays earth fault, the automation of searching the damaged line. The resistive neutral ground used in power the United States, Britain, France, Canada and many other Western countries, "- said Deputy General Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of JSC" Lenenergo "Maksim Artemyev.

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