In Stalingrad, opened the reconstructed fountain Children’s dance

In Volgograd, opened the reconstructed fountain "Children’s dance," which became one of the symbols undefeated Stalingrad. The fountain is known by newsreel footage and photographs war correspondent. 71 years ago, August 23, 1942 snapshot of the fountain, miraculously survived after a massive bombardment of German aircraft, walked pages of publications around the world.

The idea to restore the "Children’s dance", which was demolished after the war, as the authorities did not consider it historically valuable, owned by the leader of the motorcycle club "Night Wolves" Alexander Zaldostanovu. The opening ceremony took place near the building of the railway station of the city, where the famous fountain before. 

A special character

Immediately after the launch of the fountain aerobatic team "Russian Knights" on the five fighters made a "loop the loop" in the sky in Volgograd, it is, on the idea of the organizers, symbolizing the fact that the Russian sky now and forever "on the lock." Soared into the sky a flock of white doves as a symbol of peace.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the fountain, the President recalled that the history of the Great Patriotic War is replete with glorious pages and has lots of character of our victory. "One of these pre-war Stalingrad was here this fountain and a group of dancing children. It symbolized joy, life, light-heartedness" — recalled the president.

Putin said that the August 23, 1942 the Nazis made the first mass air raid on Stalingrad, in which entire neighborhoods were destroyed, kindergartens and schools. According to him, it was then that was made famous photograph of the sculpture against the flaming ruins of Stalingrad.

"That’s when it became a symbol of the barbarity of Nazism and selfless courage and heroism of the defenders of the city of Stalingrad. Enemy immediately tried to capture the city, but faced with unprecedented courage and heroism of its defenders. Such he had not seen anywhere, ever, and torn to pieces, shot city not only lived struggled, he persevered and won, "- said the head of state.

Putin thanked all the people who were talking about this symbol of Stalingrad, rebuilt it on the historic site. "I want to thank everyone who was at the origin of this idea and implemented it," — Putin appealed to the "Night Wolves".

"We will be looking at this monument, to this group of sculptures recall the living and the fallen, remember those to whom we owe this victory, we always think that the truth is always higher than the hatred, enmity and barbarism" — he said.

After the ceremony, the President again talked with veterans. They approached him with requests, I wish you health, thanks for coming, taking pictures. For his part, Vladimir Putin congratulates one of the participants in the Battle of Stalingrad Maxim Zagorulko a 89-year anniversary. In memory Putin gave him a watch, the dial is written the word "president".

Gifts Volgograd

A replica of the cultural composition "Children’s dance" was commissioned by well-known Moscow sculptor Alexander Burganov.

Thanks to the city will have two bikers present. In addition to the restored pre-war form of a fountain at a historic location near the train station, a smaller version will be installed next to the ruins of the mill Gerhart and panorama Stalingrad battle. A copy of the fountain will look like a fountain captured in photos after the bombing of August 23, 1942.

On that day, the Germans had committed two thousand sorties, according to official figures, killed 40,000 civilians. Aerial bombardment of the city continued until September 14, for every square kilometer of land Stalingrad had five thousand bombs and fragments of large caliber.


In Volgograd train arrived "Sevastopol-Stalingrad"

Early in the morning on the first way station Volgograd-I train arrived with the veterans and members of the bike show "Sevastopol-Stalingrad." Train arrived at 9:25. Bikers from the club "Night Wolves" along with their leader Alexander Zaldostanovym (Surgeon) met war veterans and children who have experienced the terrible years of fighting.

— We are very pleased today’s meeting — say Volgograd veterans who have also come to the platform to see their fellow soldiers. — We feel pride for his people, for his city.

After meeting at the station delegation of veterans from the Ukraine and Volgograd went to the laying of wreaths at the Eternal Flame in the Valley of Heroes.

The inscription on the banner:
"Sevastopol — a true son of the motherland — Russia"

The city has already raised a howl liberastov about "dancing on the bones" and "due to poor construction of the city", though the administration said it is clear that almost all of the money allocated sponsors of budget funds were only the placement of veterans. Recommended Reading:

Pictures of Stalingrad under German occupation


Volgograd is waiting for the bike show "Stalingrad"

Formed a program of events bike show "Stalingrad", which starts on August 23.

According in the regional government, on the eve of a large-scale event, Thursday, Aug. 22, at 16:00 is scheduled to enter the official motokolonna "Sevastopol-Stalingrad" in the Volgograd region, within which is scheduled to visit the monument to the "Connection fronts", located near the village Pyatimorsk Kalachevskyi district. At the monument will be meeting and laying flowers. After this column heading to Volgograd, where guests will have time to settle. According to the chief of the country biker Alexander Zaldostanova (Surgeon), visitors will settle either in tents, or will be spread over the hotels and tourist centers.

The next day, Friday, August 23, planned out minute by minute. At 9:25 — grand welcome guests from Sevastopol to arrive by train "Sevastopol-Stalingrad" to the first platform Volgograd Train Station.

In the afternoon, at 12:30, on site bike show starts motokolonna movement, the first of which is scheduled stop at the museum tractor factory, then bikers heading to the Eternal Flame at the Alley of Heroes, then at the station square and the museum-panorama "Battle of Stalingrad" then once again return to the site bike show.

While driving motokolonna at each of the stops are planned event. So, at 12:45 at the tractor factory held a handover ceremony at the military-historical relics to the museum business. As explained to the organizers of the bike show, bikers brought out of the city as a gift Urengoja radiator tractor war years "Stalinets", which was released on the Stalingrad factory.

Then, on the Square of Fallen Fighters bikers will leave their bikes and head to the Railway Station Square, where from two to three hours of the day the grand opening of the fountain "Children’s dance." The event — the performance of officials, ribbon cutting, as well as flying aerobatic team "Russian Knights" above the center of the city.

With half of the fourth to six o’clock in the evening at the museum-panorama "Stalingrad battle" will rally on the 71st anniversary of the massive Nazi air raid on Stalingrad August 23, 1942. As part of the event will be signed a twinning agreement between Volgograd and Sevastopol, then planned to transfer the capsule to the ground heroic Sevastopol in museum-panorama "Stalingrad battle". Also during the meeting will be held a moment of silence.

By seven o’clock in the evening motokolonna return to the site bike show, where the concert will begin. Until midnight on stage by Marshall and groups such as "13 constellation", "Aria", "Lube", "December". In addition, viewers will see the reconstruction of the battles of World Freestyle and standrayding.

From midnight till the morning on August 24 planned climax. In just 60 minutes on the court will be presented pyrotechnic performance, fire-show, victory salute and Trick show with special effects. From one o’clock to four o’clock in the morning concert program will continue to address such famous bands like UDO and Rasmus. And indeed this will be the completion of the first day of the bike show.

August 24 events will continue. With up to six hours in the evening will once again be hosted by the movement motokolonna with a visit to a tractor factory, Mamaev Kurgan, in particular the Cathedral of All Saints, which will transfer the icons, and guests will visit the city on a guided tour at the museum-panorama "Stalingrad battle".

At eight o’clock in the evening at the site of the bike show once again to continue the concert program in which viewers will see the boxing world by Dmitry Chudinov and Jorge Navarro. After the tournament scene will be assigned to teams and groups such as the "Slot», LOUNA, «leg cramped," boiling, "7B" and Sergei jump. Program of the event will end at six o’clock in the morning, after which the guests and participants of the show program will begin to disperse.

Secure bike show

In ensuring the safety of the participants and guests of the show will involve units of the MOI of Russia in Volgograd Region, Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Volgograd, interior troops and the Volgograd Academy of Internal Affairs of Russia. There are about three thousand police officers.

As reported in the press service of the Ministry of Interior in the Volgograd region, effective order management capabilities will be used camcorders automated software system "Safe City" and the Center video recording of traffic violations. All objects associated with the holding of mass events, and surrounding areas will be tested with the assistance of inspectors — dog handlers with dogs.

On the territory of the bike show is forbidden to be in a state of alcohol or drugs. At the points of entry to events, such as open spaces, recreational areas, etc., will be organized checkpoints, where police officers by technical means: arch and hand-held metal — will provide inspection of citizens to detect and prevent illegal items rackets.

On the territory of the venue of the bike show forbidden to bring:

  • alcoholic beverages in any container, drugs;
  • soft drinks in glass bottles;
  • Weapon: fire, gas, air, cold — and all that can be likened to it: sharps, metal rods, needles, sharpening, thorns, nails, nail clippers, nail files, and so on.
  • flammable liquids, gas cylinders.

Directly to the public events the movement of vehicles will be limited, unattended vehicles will be evacuated.


  1. Dzerzhinsky Square mall about "Diamond", 50 meters tram stop, five minutes drive to the bike show.
  2. Secure parking near the plant "Barricades" and a platform to the plant "Barricades", 50 meters tram and trolley bus, seven-minute drive to the bike show.
  3. The site shop around "Magnet", the intersection of Lenin Av
    enue and the streets Shtemenko, 80 meters tram and trolley bus, 12 minutes drive to the bike show.
  4. Area near the Palace of Sports, 150m tram and trolley bus, 17 minutes drive to the bike show.
  5. Area in front of the Central Stadium, 50 meters tram and trolley bus, 21 minutes drive to the bike show.
  6. Area in front of the SEC "Europa City Mall", 50 meters tram and trolley bus, 25 minutes drive to the bike show.
  7. Parking, street Zagorskaya, 1a, 50 cars, 300 meters to the site of the bike show.

Children at the bike show

Children and adolescents under 16 years of age can attend the event only with adults.

"We remind you that in accordance with the Code of Volgograd region on administrative responsibility, children under 16 can be in public places, from 23 hours to six hours unless accompanied by parents or guardians, — the press service of the Ministry of Interior in the Volgograd region . — Violation of this provision of the law punishable by an administrative fine on parents of minors in the amount of five hundred to one thousand. "

In Volgograd, a hot line XVIII International patriotic bike show. According to the phone numbers you can ask all the questions: 30-75-42, 30-75-43, 30-75-44.

Or visit the website


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