In Star City, the first in Russia Kosmotsentr

In April, a training center kosmonatov im.Gagarina inaugurated the first in Russia Kosmotsentr.

Kosmotsentr is a single, integrated software and hardware training complex, which includes a full-size models of complex modules orbital station "Mir", reconfigurable simulator aircraft and helicopters, multi-media complex, specialized simulator "Virtual transport spacecraft" Soyuz-TMA "virtual center Mission Control, a multimedia audience — a conference hall, a multimedia classroom, science lab and an information area.

On the basis of Kosmotsentra will be the initial space training school, and the training of graduate students and young professionals to work in the aerospace industry.

Previously, computer trainers spacecraft were available only to the trainees ‘real’ astronauts, and virtual MCC — did not exist.


Head of department exercise Kosmotsentra Oleg Zakharov congratulated the participants and thanked them for their work on the introduction of a system of objects of the Youth Educational Center group of companies "Transas" and the Center simulator.

"During the year, experts Cosmonaut Training Center in cooperation with like-minded people to do the reconstruction simulator station" Mir "and the construction of Kosmotsentra. During that time, was made a huge amount of work " — Zakharov said.


Multimedia auditorium conference room

Multimedia classroom (lab)

Configurable procedural trainer aircraft and helicopters

Specialized simulator "Virtual shuttlecraft" Soyuz-TMA "

                                          Multifunctional multimedia complex

Virtual Mission Control Center

The complex layout module space station "Mir"


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