In Staritskaya CRH (Tver region) opens new children’s department

In February, the first patients to adopt updated Staritskaya children’s department of the central district hospital. Overhaul of the building, which houses the office, was held in the framework of regional healthcare modernization program. From the results of repair acquainted Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Tver region, the deputy for Staritsky constituency Sergey Golubev.

Today, the children’s department Staritskaya CRH light, warm and cozy. But recently experienced team of office relocation and semiannual work in cramped conditions — side by side with colleagues from other departments. Now the repairs behind, and in the native walls in an especially calm.

Two-story building children‘s department of a little more than twenty years. Such a large-scale renovation was carried out for the first time here.

— We completely changed the tiles, sanitary ware, plumbing, heating system, electrical, fire alarm. In fact, all this was done "from scratch" — said the chief doctor Staritskaya CRH Igor Tomilin. — At the moment the children’s department is equipped with the latest technology. Equipment has been purchased and a new medical furniture. We’ve got room for inhalation, which was not there before. Was refitted dining. In addition, here add an optional TV, toys. Now the dining room could easily be a place for games room for the kids or a meeting with the young patients visit their parents.
In general repair and happy doctors and nurses, and parents with children. Christina Ermakova and her little son Nikita — one of the first patients in the updated office. Renovated House like. The walls are bright colors pleasing to the eye. It is very warm. 

— Everything is clean, painted, — smiles Christine. — Windows and doors today — not blowing. The new department created all the conditions for the children and for us as parents.

The deputy of the Regional Legislative Assembly from the constituency Staritsky Sergey Golubev also welcomed repair the children’s department, which under the federal program "Quality of Life. Health "was allocated about 4 million rubles. Sergey is not the first time visited this site almost became his patrons. Moreover, it was he who introduced a parliamentary amendment for additional funding from the regional budget for Staritskaya CRH. Three million rubles were sent to the laboratory building and repair 600,000 — for the purchase of furniture for the children’s department.

— In the area of health development Staritsa paid much attention — said Sergey Golubev. — Here we have the right mix of engagement and use of the federal, regional and municipal budgets. As a result — an effective solution to the problems of municipal public health, the creation of conditions in institutions for comfortable treatment, improving the quality of health care services to the population.

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