In Stary Oskol opened car-repair depot

November 8 Stary Oskol opened car-repair depot.

Car-repair depot was built on the same site with a wagon-wheel workshop, working in Stary Oskol since 2007. Each year, a workshop producing repairs to 27,300 wheel sets. It is also the company Kmazheldortrans producing current ottsepochny car repairs. The new complex is designed to carry out planned repairs of freight cars.

Through the construction of the depot facility on the same site will provide a full range of repair services of cars that will lower the cost of services and reduce the time for maintenance and repair. The annual program of depot repair train depot is 3000 scheduled repairs. The volume of investments in the construction of the depot, totaled 467.8 million rubles. When you start the first stage of the depot created about 120 new jobs to reach design capacity will increase the number of employees to 250.

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