In Stavropol, a unique modern science lab

At the beginning of the school year on the basis of North-Caucasian Federal University opens new research laboratory complex, according to Office of Information and Public Relations SKFU.

The laboratory is a five-storey building with a total area of 5,800 square meters. The complex will house classrooms and research laboratories of the Institute electricity, electronics and nanotechnology SKFU, as well as an area of "clean rooms" — unique to the research and the only in our region.

Clean room — is the space where the air is maintained within certain limits by particles such as dust, microorganisms, particulate matter and chemical vapors. If necessary, they can also be controlled by other parameters such as humidity, pressure and temperature.  

Clean rooms are needed in industries such as microelectronics, semiconductor, micromechanics, optics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine.

In addition, by September 1, completed the construction of a new dormitory SKFU. It is a complex of three buildings with a total area of 10,000 square meters. meters. Nine-storey building will accommodate students in the eight — international students and graduate students in the six-storey service apartments are for staff and faculty members SKFU.

The hostel is designed for 280 students. Block for the faculty and staff of the university consists of ten three-and five-bedroom apartments.

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