In Stavropol, opened a second body endoscopy clinic

September 18 in Stavropol commissioned a second body Clinic endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery of the Stavropol State Medical University.

The clinic has been providing specialized and high-tech medical care to the population of the North Caucasus Federal District and adjacent regions in the state program guarantees free medical care. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology and works in accordance with the latest achievements of medical science. Doctors Hospital — doctors and candidates of medical sciences with extensive experience, are recognized experts in their fields.

The clinic performed surgical procedures that are not performed anywhere else in the Stavropol region and North Caucasus Federal District, or performed sporadically.

 For the year of the Clinic has achieved the highest performance — per bed for more than 70 operations, while the rate in other hospitals of the region is not more than 18 — 20 transactions per year. The average length of stay in the hospital at the same time is less than 1.8 bed-days.

Commissioning of the second building will expand the number of beds in 5 times. Furthermore, starting ICU will carry even greater volume of surgical intervention, including — for cancer.

In the second block clinic has two operating unique to the region — a combined X-ray (to conduct operations under ultrasound and X-ray inspection) and integrated, which will be complex, including high tech, surgery on the organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavities, in the field of gynecology, urology, cardiovascular and endocrine surgery.

All kinds of specialized medical care at the clinic endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery residents of the Stavropol region are free from the federal budget.

Another feature of the clinic is that it is equipped with modern telemedicine system that allows for remote training of doctors, as well as providing an opportunity to consult in the course of surgery in the leading specialists of the central Russian clinics.

Also StGMU September 11 opened a specialized center practical skills, "Emergency Medicine, emergency assistance." It is an intensive care unit, designed for practicing first aid techniques and care. The Rector of the University of V. Muraveva, the event will play an important role in the organization of practical health care. The center will be used in the educational process at the senior students, interns, medical residents and students of the graduate-level training.



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