In Sterlitamak (Bashkortostan) opened a regional vascular center

Regional Vascular Center (RIC) to provide medical care to patients with acute coronary syndrome and acute cerebrovascular Sterlitamak opened on the basis of the clinical hospital № 1. At the opening of the center spent about 400 million rubles from the state budget, of which 120 million rubles — for the repair of buildings and more than 200 million rubles — for the equipment.

As part of the vascular center two departments: neurology for patients with acute stroke and emergency department of cardiology and neurosurgery. They are equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment, which allows for a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic measures to provide emergency care to patients with acute stroke and acute coronary syndrome.


At the disposal center specialists — tools for neurosurgery, neuro-integrated system, standing frame, angiogaficheskaya installation, Holter monitoring system, equipment for the rapid determination of cardiac markers, portable ultrasound machines, electrocardiographs, massage couch and fitness center. Total cost of equipment — 270 million rubles, funds were received as part of the modernization program of health care.

According to the head of Azat Kurbangaleeva Vascular Center, is currently in the hospital held high-technology surgical treatment. In the near future in addition to myocardial infarction and cerebral stroke, doctors could treat heart attacks the lungs, kidneys, mesenteric artery thrombosis that used in the majority of cases are fatal.

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