In Strezhevoy (Tomsk region). Appeared Ice Knight

August 30, the day of celebration of the city, the residents of the city of Tomsk region Strezhevogo received a special gift — an indoor rink with artificial ice. Sports facility called "Hero".

The total cost of the skating rink in Strezhevoy was about 172 million rubles. Of these, 90 million rubles were received from the federal budget as part of the Federal Target Program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015", more than 61 million rubles — from the regional budget, and more than 20 million rubles — from the municipal budget.

In the building, "Knight" area of 3600 square meters. meters in addition to the ice arena measuring 60 m by 30 m with stands for 200 seats equipped with dance and fitness facilities, coaching room, medical office, inventory and technical rooms.

Special attention in the drafting of the skating rink in Strezhevoy paid to creating a barrier-free environment at a sports facility for people with limited mobility. Exterior stairs of the main entrance of the skating rink equipped with a ramp for free entry and exit wheelchair users. Sami doors open automatically. At the spectator stands equipped with special seats for people with disabilities. On the stairs leading to the second floor of the building, installed lifting platform for a wheelchair.

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