In suburban Voskresensk opened a new production line gypsum

December 13, 2011 in Voskresensk, Moscow region at «VOLMA Resurrection" opening a new production line gypsum.

The modernization of the plant "VOLMA Resurrection" is held corporation since 2006, as a result of which it was created 360 new jobs. Power entered equipment — 360 thousand tons per year. The volume of investments — 300 million rubles, the investor — "VOLMA Resurrection." Terms of execution of the project 2010 — 2011 years (17 months). With the launch of the line is scheduled increase in jobs of about 70 people.

The final phase of the project "VOLMA — Alstom" — is launching a new generation of gypsum kilns that fully ensure plant gypsum binder for the production of the whole range of gypsum products TM VOLMA. Such equipment — the first in Russia.

Corporation "VOLMA" — only Russian manufacturer of building materials based on gypsum and gypsum cement. History of the Company VOLMA begins with a long history of Volgograd gypsum plant, established in 1943. (Internent — site — The company’s products — dry mortar, gypsum board, corrugated and plaster, screeds.

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