In Sudan, flooded refugee camp

In Sudan, flooded refugee camp Natural Disasters

The conflict has forced 80,000 refugees from the camps in the Blue Nile State to move to some other camps in southern Sudan. But there they found no salvation, and another attack in the form of floods, nastigshego staff Maba.

All in the camp housed about 109 thousand people, but heavy rains have made the camp virtually uninhabitable. Local rivers spill worsened quality of the roads so that the trains carrying humanitarian aid and food can not get to mabanskih camps sheltered war refugees. In the most critical situation is the most remote camp Jamil, located 75 km from the Sudanese border.

Evacuated people lack clean drinking water, because after the flood, many previously used sources were tainted mud deposits. People are saved by collecting rain water in plastic bottles, sometimes directly from the rivers, neglecting safety precautions. Refugees from camps Gendrasa use as food fish brought to shore on tap water and grasslands.

Grow a crop of grain or vegetables is not possible, since all the crops destroyed by the rains. Sudanese constantly have to sleep in wet tents and wet clothes. Since water does not recede in the camps has increased the risk of infection transmitted through water or food. In some places, the refugees are trying to build a by-pass channels and ditches to divert the excess water from the camp.

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