In Suleiman Stalsky region of the republic of Dagestan based juice factory


In Suleiman Stalsky area in the village Yuharistal built factory on manufacture of soft drinks. As the correspondent of RIA "Dagestan" deputy head of the district Savin Veliev, completion of construction works is planned for later this year. The estimated project cost of about 400 million rubles.

"As you know, in Dagestan, a big problem with the processing and marketing of agricultural products. This is true for our region in particular. Given the fact that in the municipality of a large number of orchards, but there is no market, and it was decided to build a plant for the production of juices. The plans of the district administration this year to buy from local producers the necessary raw materials to the next immediately after the construction and commissioning of equipment to start producing products ", — told the news agency.

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