In Sumy created and operates an industrial park Svema. Pharmak — one of the participants

In December 2011, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the program of development of the industrial park "Svema." Funding for the program is more than 66 million hryvnia, including the state budget — 15 million. Portal Park

Industrial Park, was presented at the Sumy region, a territory that can take the output of almost any complexity. Its area — 326 hectares, currently there are more than 400 warehouse, industrial, administrative premises. Industrial Park "Svema" offers investors a unique for Ukraine on technical characteristics of the site. Her communication is able to provide natural gas producers, drinking and industrial water, steam … Here is the most powerful in the region and the north-eastern Ukraine CHP generating 115 megawatts of electricity per hour. A principle of "single investment window" that is embedded with December 2010, allows businessmen to issue permits for one month.

On the territory of the industrial park "Svema" has come their investors — are more than 30 enterprises.

Regional authorities predict that the organization of the industrial park "Svema" will attract Sumy $ 500 million investment and create 10,000 job mest.Dlya efficient operation of the industrial park in Shostka a coordinating council for the development of "recent findings". According to the first deputy head of the Sumy Regional State Administration Victor Cherniavskii, at this stage, the process of creating utility "Industrial Park" Svema, "which will be the management company.

The leader of the domestic pharmaceutical industry "Farmak" in 2013, will launch the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the industrial park "Svema." 

All legal issues arising from the implementation of the investment project, the company "Pharmak" already settled. 

The company "Pharmak" is ready to invest 12-15 million dollars to the organization of the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients in Shostka. It is assumed that the volume of production in Shostka approximately 150 tons of medicines. 20% of output is exported to Russia, Eastern and Western Europe and the United States.


Among the partners include such companies as:

LLC "Galant"-Production of heat-, sound-, vapor barrier materials, electrical insulating materials, reflective materials, chemistry, and chemical goods.

Ltd. "Polimeravtomatika" -Insulating materials, paints and equipment.

Ltd. "Tehnoprint"-Production of packaging, printing services.

Ltd. "Plus" LTD-development and production of packaging, electrical, energy-saving materials. Among the main types of products: — polyethylene terephthalate films: amorphous, metallized biaxially oriented and — laminated cardboard, and other composite materials — film-electrical insulation — thermo-hydro — foil materials — flexible air ducts for ventilation, air conditioning and heating — tape gluing (one-sided, as well as application of the logo) — VC adhesive film for aircraft and automotive industries.

MCHP "Maxim"-Manufacture of building tools and products from polymers.

ASTRUM LTD-The main activity — production and sale of aerial photographs and chemicals for further processing.


and others … 

We can be proud! 

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