In Surgut, a new independent theater

In Surgut, a new independent theater.

Theatre actor and Dolls "Petrushka" withdrew from the city of Surgut Philharmonic and begins to "float freely".
The status of an independent organization to children’s theater was 20 years old, steadfastly experiencing the worst of times — and when half the team was not in the building to rehearse and give performances, and when six months had no money to pay salaries. The theater is not broken up. On the contrary, the difficulty of him even more united, writes "Surgut platform."

Now, "Petrushka" at the threshold of new achievements. Besides the fact that enriched the repertoire and expand the limits of creativity, the theater will be able to participate in major professional theater festivals outside of Khanty-Mansiysk. Being an autonomous institution of culture, "Petrushka" is now planning its own financial and economic activity and could finally afford to expand the staff — the theater will have its own director, stage manager part, head of the literary section, administrative and management personnel.

Now, the theater actor and dolls ever to have its own building. By the way, this is the most urgent problem today, "Petrushka" even reflected in the original production of the play, which was presented to the friends and partners of the theater at a gala evening — three little pigs smoothly shill for a visit as soon as the gutted building. Speedy housewarming present guests wished more fervently and the rest of the theater, all of them are convinced — Surgut need a children‘s theater.

In 2012, the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova approved the "Concept of the theatrical business in Khanty-Mansiysk for the period up to 2020." This is very timely document takes into account all of the professional and amateur theater groups County, ways of their development. Theatre "Petrushka" in a district of the concept does not appear. However, this year, having acquired legal independence, "Petrushka" must be added as a separate cultural identity in this policy document.

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