In Surgut invented Super biochips


Surgut district cardiology clinic "Diagnostics Center and Cardiovascular Surgery" tested the new technology. This time, the doctors were testing a new biochip that can carry the molecular diagnosis of genetic material. This biochip allows for two days to obtain data that will decode the human genome, including predisposition to certain diseases.

The patient learns whether he has a predisposition to such diseases transmitted genetically, as ischemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension and others. Thus become relevant proverb would know where you drop, straw would spread. A saying goes, "to whom is destined to drown, he did not hang himself" become less relevant, since it is now about genetic diseases can be known in advance and, if you have enough money to take preventive action.

However, the question remains the training of our doctors. Genetics, which was announced in the USSR pseudoscience, has moved far ahead. And now the then lag effect on our education system. Doctors who come out of our universities do not receive adequate education in the field of genetics, absolutely not study modern methods and equipment. And so it is often such equipment gives his predictions, but to read them correctly, and to build a system of treatment can only a few doctors.

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