In Surgut November 29 opens rebuilt after a fire in the Ice Palace

Named the date of opening of the Ice Palace in Surgut. This is a landmark for the city event is scheduled for November 29.


The introduction of the long-awaited Surgut object repeatedly postponed for various reasons. Recall that last year, on the eve of the elections in the palace there was a big fire (burned about 2 thousand square meters). He greatly influenced the timing of completion — to plan it should have been put back in early 2011. The construction depended on funding, which is not always kept pace with the builders. Note that in 2008 the winner of the tender for the construction of the Ice Palace in Surgut company of SC "Surgutgazstroy" said that for the construction of three years from the budget of the county to allocate 1.5 billion rubles. How much will it cost in the end the construction of the district budget, is not specified.


Consequences of fire

As "SurgutInformTV" opening of the ice will occur a month earlier than originally planned. Who were the final touches, and a few days to appear in readiness. Pools Water Park is filled with water. Workers complete the installation of some structures. But she had an ice arena is covered in ice with all the necessary markings. On it went specialists week and about 10 cubic meters of water. The coating must be preserved whole season. And it provides a special apparatus, which operates on the principle of the refrigerator.

Ice Palace is the first large-scale building construction — a multifunctional complex "Ugra". Here, in addition to the ice arena at 2 thousand seats, will also run a large water park.

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