In Suzdal came cartoons

In Suzdal started XVIII Open Russian Festival of Animated Film. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Russia and the administration of Vladimir region, and will last until March 3.

This year, the number of films submitted for selection, broke all records — 179 works! For the competition in six categories selected 104 films 30 student works 10 debut, 33 — in the category "Short meter", 17 — series (of which show on the series), 10 samples were applied animation.

Domestic animation created so many feature films that they first be stated in a separate category. In this competition will be attended by already beloved by audiences "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf", "From the Screw", "The Snow Queen", "Smeshariks," "The Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik."

For the first time the festival will have three different jury: the author’s animation commercial animation pitching. Traditionally determine the winners in each category will be recognized author contest animation professionals and related professions cinema: directors, composers and artists.

The festival gathers on its site, more than 400 filmmakers, artists, writers, engineers and members of other professions animation studios from 20 countries, as well as independent artists.

For the first time equipped with media library, where anyone can view the individual monitor all films submitted to the festival.

In addition to competitive information and impressions will be round tables, workshops and presentations. This year’s festival in Vladimir Alexandrov, Sudogda, Sobinskoye, Kovrov, Yuriev-Polsky and Suzdal areas held meetings with artists filmmakers with audiences, children and multprazdniki charity event involving more than 3,000 participants.

One of the innovations — c shows the best films of other festivals the world of animation. In the framework of the Year of Germany in Russia Director International Show in Stuttgart, Prof. Ulrich Vegenast will present a program of German animation. Another innovation — Animated Film Forum of the CIS countries, the Baltic States and Georgia.

During March and will be the first all-Russian action animated shows, code-named "Big Suzdal", which will cover almost 100 cities and more than 200 cinemas Russia.

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