In Sviyazhsk opened education center for children of preschool and school age

Sviyazhsk (Tatarstan) opened education center for children of preschool and school age. The opening ceremony was attended by State Councillor of the Republic of Tajikistan, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Foundation "Renaissance" Mintimer Shaimiev.

The event was also attended by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan Albert Gilmutdinov, Minister of Culture Ayrat Sibagatullin, head Zelenodolsky region Sergey Batin, Assistant to the President on Social Affairs, Executive Director of the National Fund for the revival of historical and cultural monuments RT Tatiana Larionov and other officials.


Education center for children located in a public building of the twentieth century, which were carried out repair work on 34.34 mln. with funds from the federal budget as part of the integrated project "Cultural Heritage of Tatarstan: the ancient city of Bolgar and island Svijazhsk." The building is an architectural monument of national importance. In public buildings in 1911 opened Sviyazhskaya women’s progymnasium.


By 1914, when operated in the gymnasia all four classes provided by the Charter, studied more than 60 girls. Since then, the building housed only educational institutions that changed their status: progymnasium; seven-year school, secondary school, primary (eight-year) school (reorganized in 1953 after raising the level of the Kuibyshev Reservoir).


In his speech at the celebration event to mark the opening of the Center of Education State Advisor Mintimer Shaimiev noted that regardless of the number of students in the educational setting, "is a holiday with a capital letter."


"We are the living participants in the process of reviving the island Sviyazhska — M.Shaimiev said, referring to the students, their parents and other guests of the festival. — Today, students are not so much, but we are strong in spirit. The fact that there will be more every year — no doubt. " He recalled that in 1911, when in a public building opened women’s gymnasium, the school functioned with the support of the trustees. One of them was a merchant Kamenev, whose house was also restored in Sviyazhsk.


"Svijazhsk regaining all the good that had at one time, and most importantly — gets a good future," — said M.Shaimiev.

Chapter Zelenodolsky region Sergey Batin also congratulated on the opening of the Center of Education for children. It is reported that on September 1 in Zelenodol’sk area 1 children start school in 1617, just as the number of students — more than 15,000, for which the doors are opened 43 schools.

Prior to the official opening of the Centre of Education State Advisor Mintimer Shaimiev together with the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan and the head of Albert Gilmutdinova Batinah region Sergey awarded 37 first-graders from low-income families Nurlatsky zone Zelenodol district school supplies as part of the campaign "Help me get ready for school."

"It is not only financial support, but also a spiritual one. The child has to go for the first time in first class with confidence, no matter from what he family "- said M.Shaimiev.

After the official opening of the Centre of Education for preschool and school-age children, equipped with modern equipment.
The school will train 9 children living on the island Svijazhsk. We consider the prospect of teaching children (18 pers.) From nearby villages (Mizinova, Isakov Protopopovka) who are currently enrolled in a school in the village Lower Vyazovye.

Guests toured the offices of Russian language and literature, mathematics and natural sciences, history and local history, the gym, which features interactive whiteboards, plasma TVs, computers and simulators. This building is also equipped with an office of the Volga branch of the UNESCO Chair.

On the ground floor of the building housed kindergarten "Island" for up to 20 people. Children who will be walking into this preschool, sang for the guests of honor of the holiday song and dance numbers, and then Mintimer Shaimiev gave the children a large soft toys. State Councillor of Tatarstan was pleased with the inspection of the new training center. "Great School" — M.Shaimiev said during a meeting with local residents, after which the students’ parents thanked the leadership of the republic for its support.

Immediately after visiting the Centre for Educational guests went to the opening of the museum garden, which includes a children’s playground and a summer stage with 60 seats. Social project on improvement of the island-town company initiated the "MegaFon". At the request of local residents and members of the museum staff recreated the social projects museum garden county town of XIX century — a favorite vacation spot intellectuals Kazan province.

"We have not even asked for help from the company, it was their idea — Mintimer Shaimiev. — I would like to express my gratitude for what you have done from the heart for the people. Such people are doomed to success. " State Councilor RT gave the director of the regional office of the Volga Republic of Tatarstan branch of OJSC "MegaFon" Igor azure a letter from the Foundation "Renaissance."

"This is a process of rebirth — M.Shaimiev said after the opening of the school and the playground in an interview — We revive not only historical monuments, but also the school, kindergarten, children‘s playgrounds. This is the most valuable because it is a revival of a new generation, through his upbringing. "

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