In Syktyvkar open Memorial Teacher

Monument teacher, opened in Syktyvkar — thanks to all the teachers of the Republic of Komi.


"Knowledge Day — a special day not only for those who first came to the first class. This is — a celebration of all inhabitants of the country, because we’ve all learned in school. And each of us had a teacher, a teacher with a capital letter. The one who shared their knowledge, gave his love and kindness. Monument to the Master — is a sign of respect to all the teachers of our country who invest in the souls of their students all the best, "- said the head of the Republic of Komi.

"You can call the names of many well-known teachers who have contributed to the development of education of the Republic of Komi, Russian Federation, but I think that every teacher, whether deserved or young, who has worked at the school for many years and only came into it, deserves to be said beautiful words about him. Because his life, his heart, according to the National Teacher of the USSR Alexander Alexandrovich Katolikov every teacher gives children … ".


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